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Dental Contouring in Aventura

When someone feels that they’re out of shape, often the best thing to do is start to exercise. But what happens if it’s the teeth that aren’t in shape?

While there isn’t an exercise program for your mouth, there is something that can be done for teeth that may not look exactly as people want them to.

At Aventura Dental Excellence, the team is proud to offer dental contouring, also known as shaping, to patients wanting to improve the look of their smile.

Woman listening to dentistWhat to Expect

First and foremost, it’s important to determine if a patient is a candidate for contouring. Dr. Weider will need to examine the teeth to make their recommendations. Good candidates are often people dealing with slightly crooked or jagged teeth, or teeth that appear too long in length and may be overlapping with nearby teeth.

If Dr. Weider determines that a patient is a candidate, the entire treatment can take place in just one practice visit that typically lasts less than one hour.

Care will begin with X-rays or photographs. Then, without feeling any pain or discomfort, the dentist will shape the tooth into a more desired look by sanding small pieces of tooth enamel. This eliminates imperfections and improves the look of the tooth without compromising any function or integrity.

Patients can walk out of the practice beaming with confidence and a new, improved smile. Sometimes, a small adjustment can make all the difference.

Learn More About Contouring

Dr. Weider encourages all interested patients to book an appointment to learn more about contouring and how it can help them achieve a beautiful smile. Contact the practice today to begin the process!

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